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Hand Sewn Protective Cloth Mask

Designer: BXB by Jenny Buxton

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*Please note* If you are a local health care professional and would like a mask - then please email us at directly and we would be happy to coordinate getting you a mask free of charge! 

We have gotten a lot of requests to list our hand sewn masks on our website. We are listing them to keep our sewers sewing and to provide protection to the general public. By listing them on our website, it provides a platform to track and ship our masks to customers!

*If sold out*- please enter your email above to be notified the moment we are back in stock!

- All masks are made of two layers of cotton and may be worn over a surgical mask for added protection.

- Machine Washable. *Wash after every use in hot on gentle.* 

- *Do not sanitize in microwave- some masks have a metal nose piece to help adjust the mask tighter to the face.*

Disclaimer- *These masks are not guaranteed to provide the necessary coverage to protect against viruses like COVID- 19, which the CDC recommends that only wearing a certified N95 mask will provide.

- However, the CDC is now recommending that the general public wear a cloth mask if possible when entering public places, as any mask even homemade ones will help provide some level of protection against the spread of droplets. Check out the CDC's guidelines below regarding best cloth mask practices: