About Us

BXB by Jenny Buxton was born in 2013 out of Jenny's barn in Northfield, MA where she began sewing plaid scarves and detailing them with up-cycled belts as a unique cuff.

Soon, her look took off and keeping up with demand became increasingly difficult. Jenny first turned to her mom, who soon left her job to sew full time for BXB! BXB by Jenny Buxton now employs not only Jenny and her mom, but Jenny's two sister, who together make up BXB's founding tribe. 

Slowly, Jenny began hiring other local women to sew and hand make BXB's products. Currently, we have a team of 10 hard working women to help us get the job done.

Today, BXB by Jenny Buxton is focused on bringing up-cycled style and reusing vintage finds in carefully curated designs, while keeping our sourcing and manufacturing local! We like to say that our style was "Born in Vermont," (just like Jenny and her sisters) and, 'Made in New England.''  

As we continue to grow, it is important to us that these fundamental roots remain the same - and that every accessory is made with love and intention. Supporting us means supporting women in our community and allows for our small business to flourish. 

You can find the BXB line in amazing artisan shops throughout New England, online, and in person at various trade shows. We hope you join us on our journey and please stay connected with us here and on social media @bxbbyjennybuxton on Instagram and Facebook. 

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